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Block paving is one of the prime choices for surfacing parking areas, driveways, patios, and pathways. Made from either clay or concrete, these paving blocks are available in a wide variety of shapes, designs, and colours.

Our expert construction team has been providing block paving solutions to households and commercial properties in Wellington and other regions of the UK. Check out the pictures of our completed block paving projects and the reviews of our satisfied customers available on our website.

Block Paving Wellington – Multipurpose & Versatile Paving

We provide block paving for:

  • Driveways
  • Landscaping
  • Walkways & Pathways
  • Patios
  • Around your pool
  • Anywhere in your garden

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Bespoke Block Paving Wellington

With our block paving services, you can choose from a variety of paving blocks depending on the usage. For areas with high traffic, such as driveways, you may want to choose paving blocks that have a higher tensile strength and tolerance. For patios, you may prefer lighter and smaller blocks. Paving blocks are available in a range of standard sizes. You can also choose from different colours and can even get multi-coloured blocks. Standard shapes include oxford, brick, square, dumble, hexagon, and many more. You also have the option of selecting between non-interlocking and interlocking paving blocks. The latter is considered more durable.

Our Unparalleled Features

  • Block paving specialists in Wellington.
  • A large variety of paving blocks are available.
  • Premium quality paving blocks.
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Repair and general maintenance services.
Block Paving Wellington

Block Paving Wellington – Enhance Your Outdoor Aesthetic Appeal

Block paving enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space, whether it is your driveway or your patio. A block paved pathway that runs between your garden looks visually appealing. You can transform your outdoor space entirely by using block paving for landscaping.

Low Maintenance and Durable Block Paving

Block paved surfaces usually have a long life. They require little maintenance. Periodic cleaning or washing will keep your block paved surfaces in perfect condition. Water does not have any adverse effect on block paving. Our professionals will ensure that the blocks are installed to perfection to allow the water to drain effectively. Interlocking block pavers will hardly develop cracks and therefore are highly suitable for driveways application.

Block Paving Wellington

Easy to Install and Easy to Replace

Block paving can tolerate heavy weights easily. Their installation process is simple and does not require any sophisticated machinery. If one block breaks, you can easily replace it. Availability is not an issue, and you will find them in abundance. They are compatible with most of the surfaces and will require little prep work for installation.

Reasonable Costs of Block Paving

Block paving is one of the most affordable methods of surfacing, and this is why you will find it in almost every other home and commercial property. Your block paving cost in Wellington for a particular area will depend on the type of blocks you choose, the area to be covered, and any other additional services such as ground clearance or excavation that the construction site may require. Our prices are highly competitive, and you will find them to be highly affordable compared to other block paving contractors in Wellington.

Certified and Accredited Team

Our in-house team of structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, designers, etc., are all highly qualified and experienced. Our block paving installers in Wellington carry the necessary accreditations and certifications to provide a host of construction services. Our team never thinks of a job as small; in fact, every job is taken seriously regardless of its size.

Step-by-Step Installation Process

  • Measure the area where you want block paving, or let us do it for you.
  • Share the measurements with us and select the paving blocks you like.
  • Share your design idea with us or check our completed jobs for ideas.
  • Accept our estimate for block paving services
  • Our block pavers in Wellington will provide you with a booking date for installation
  • Our experts will install the paving blocks on the booking date.
  • Enjoy your outdoor space.
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Need Assistance?

If you have any question feel free to contact us!