What are Resin Driveways: Uses, Pros & Cons

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Resin driveway is a blend of stone aggregates with resin; a gelatinous material. They are much more common nowadays globally and remain pertinent to floor requirements in commercial and domestic sectors. Their significant features make them a feasible choice as compared to other alternatives like ceramic tiles. Resin driveways are extensively used in several sectors:

  • Commercial Paving
  • Parking
  • Residential Floors
  • Pedestrian Walks
  • Driveways
  • Wheelchair Slopes
  • Jogging Tracks

Advantages of Resin Bound Driveways

Offer a Wide Range of Designs

A key advantage of resin bound driveways is the choice of innumerable intricate designs you can opt for these driveways. By using a certain mixture of suitable colours, you can make any pattern of driveway you find attractive. In addition to this, you can use a specific colour at the edges to produce a fine contrast in the driveway’s design. This flexibility of multiple options in resin bound driveways extends down further as you can fill in the gaps of stones(2-5mm) with small aggregates(1-3mm) to give a more versatile look.

Have Great Appearance

No matter what colouring options you choose for resin bound driveways, they always look unique among other parts of the road. A fine pattern of resin bound driveways seems pleasing to the eyes. Resin driveways give an aesthetic look to your entrance that leaves a decent impression on guests.

Made from sustainable Materials

Resin driveways are paved by using natural or recycled materials like stone aggregates, glass and concrete. As all of them are sustainable materials so resin bound driveways pose no threat to the environment.

Quick Installation

Despite consisting of fine aggregates and holding decorative patterns, resin bound driveways are quite easy to lay. They do not require any specific preparations and can be installed by using pre-existing concrete as substratum. Thus, this installation saves you a lot of time and hassle.

Easy Maintenance

Resin bound driveways do not require some specific maintenance thus they save you a lot of costs. Simply you have to wash them on and off. This washing will keep weeds away giving a clear look to your driveway.

They are Long-Lasting

Another significant feature of resin bound driveways is their durable nature. As they consist of stone and glass particles so they form a rigid surface that lasts longer. Water easily penetrates through their micro-channels, so these driveways don’t wear out with time. Hence, you can expect your resin bound driveway to last for up to 3 decades. Such driveways are feasible for heavy traffic paths as well.


Although the UK doesn’t have harsh weather conditions yet driveways constructed from asphalt or concrete corrode with time, even due to weathering impact of heat or little rain. Contrary to this, resin bound driveways are rigid and withstand the impact of any weather conditions. Consequently, these driveways happen to sustain their symmetry intact for years.

Resin Bound Driveways Don’t Hinder Water Drainage

Resin driveways consist of small stone aggregates adhering to each other yet these aggregates are distant from each other in their symmetry. This makes resin bound driveways porous allowing water to seep through. As resin bound driveways allow water to penetrate through them, so they do not offer any hindrance in water drainage.

Environmentally Friendly

Resin driveways play a part in eco-friendly measures in two ways:

  • Small channels in their surface permit water only to seep through, inhibiting other debris and dust impurities. Thus, resin driveways act as a natural filter for water.
  • The pores in resin bound driveways allow underneath the soil to breathe, which results in an exchange of gases between the soil and air. Hence, the soil temperature decreases and this decrease assists in combating global warming.

Slip Resistant

Resin driveways are constructed using anti-slip elements like crushed glass. This makes their surface rough and helps increase friction, so the chances of slipping over these driveways are minimum.

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Drawbacks of Resin Bound Driveways

Although resin driveways have so many advantages, there are some disadvantages associated with them that you must consider to avoid any loss.

No Official Regulations

Unfortunately, there are no official rules and regulations for resin bound contractors that would bind them to provide quality driveways. This is a significant flaw regarding resin bound driveways as hiring the services of an inexperienced contractor may result in having low-quality driveways. So, it is recommended to confirm the quality of resin driveway services of a contractor prior to hiring.

Resin Driveways Offer High Cost

Although resin bound driveways are easier to install yet they demand the expertise of skilled labourers to install them properly for high-quality finishing and long service. Also, the cost of added materials like resin, colours or decorative aggregates can vary with quality, so resin driveways appear to be costly.


Oil leakages, vehicles’ brakes, etc. can leave stains on these driveways. The stains can be more prominent in the case of light-coloured driveways. So, it is recommended to practice the best cleaning techniques for a decent and clear shine.

Fading Colours

At times, the colours of resin bound driveways fade with time, and this usually happens because resin reacts differently with some stones, and it’s found to be more common in light. Therefore, choosing a long-lasting colouring material can help do away with this problem. But this is not something you should worry about as it’s a normal process.

Moss & Weed Growth

Commonly, mosses and weeds tend to flourish on resin bound driveways especially those that are not cleaned regularly. The growth of unwanted herbs makes the driveway’s surface slippery and dull. However, by ensuring regular cleaning you can wipe out this issue.