Driveway Paving in Dawlish

Driveways Complete Your House

Driveways are one of the main image makers or breakers of your home. They are generally the private roads that lead to your home or a small group of the housing structure. The size of the driveway majorly depends on your needs and how big or small your residential or commercial building is.  If you have a driveway that leads to your house, then your driveway will probably be without lights, but if it’s for commercial businesses or parks, then the lights will probably be installed.

Driveways – A Safe Option for You and Your Vehicles

With the rising population and heavy traffic in Dawlish, your car can easily get hit by any vehicle and get damaged detrimentally. Moreover, there are also chances for it to get stolen or getting broken into. A driveway can be a real deterrent for thieves, so it’s better for you to install it as it’s for the best.

Switch Groundworks – Known for the Excellent Driveways

Switch groundworks is a driveway company in Dawlish that has spent years making driveways and serving the whole UK with its exceptional services. Our driveway contractors have paved the driveways that turn some heads and last a lifetime. In general, we undertake both commercial and domestic groundworks projects. Moreover, our line of work is in accordance with the building regulations and guidelines provided by the state. So, if you are in need of first-class driveways, then we are the right choice for you.

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Beneficial Features That Come with Our Driveways

Cut Short Your Unnecessary Daily Hassle

With your own driveways, your daily life activities become much more easier. Imagine having to find a parking space every day for the rest of your life at the end of the day, and then the hassle of getting your car early in the morning. First off, finding a parking spot is a big hassle.

Now in comparison, if you have your own driveway and all you have to do is park your car easily. It not only saves you a lot of time but also blesses you with the peace of mind that you deserve after a long tiring day.

Add to the Aesthetics of Your House

Everyone wants the best for their property as it’s their one of the biggest investments and assets; small decisions can increase or decrease its overall value, such as the kind of driveway you choose, loft conversion, extensions, etc. No matter how much money you spend on the interior design of your house, the image of the exterior and specifically the face depends on how good your driveway has been crafted. After all, that’s what makes the first impression of your home. So to make sure that this area of your house is not only practical in use but also aesthetically pleasing, call our driveway installers.

Driveways Dawlish

Add Value to Your Property

Having driveways, loft conversions, house extensions, a swimming pool, gardens, a patio etc., are some of the features that make your property stand out from the rest in the market.If you have any of these features, it will boost the overall price of your property.

Specifically, if you have a well-constructed driveway, then it is a given then. It makes it much more easier to sell it. So, driveways Dawlish are an overall beneficial and profitable option whether you want to keep or resell your property.


Parking on the road can be harmful to your vehicle, for it can get hit. Moreover, if you live on a busy road, then getting your children into the car be a challenge. Consult our driveway specialists to plan and install your driveway. You are in safe hands with us.

Reasonable Costs

Our driveway contractors in Dawlish offer the best driveway cost packages for you. Mostly, our prices depend on the material you use, the length of your driveway, etc. But overall, we offer the price packages that are reasonable as compared to the market.

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Need Assistance?

If you have any question feel free to contact us!