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The exterior of your home plays a vital role in deciding the estate value of your property. It should also be visually pleasing for you, your family, and your guests. Driveways are an important part of your outdoor space, and they impart a certain value to your home’s exterior. They are also highly useful as you get a comfortable spot for parking your vehicle right next to your home. We are an experienced construction company providing driveway services to households and businesses. Our certified and skilled engineers can build driveways from several different materials, most of which are quite common in the UK. These include tarmacadam, asphalt, block paving, resin bound, cobblestones, and others.

Resin-bound Driveways – Fancy and Flexible

Our driveway specialists in Sidmouth can build incredibly pleasing resin-bound driveways. Resin has lately become famous as a surfacing material. Resin-bound driveways are a combination of natural or artificial aggregates and polyurethane resin. The aggregates are available in several varieties and numerous colours. The resin creates a highly flexible and smooth surface, while the aggregates give your driveway a unique touch. They are applied in such a way that aggregates do not become loose with time and form a uniform surface. These driveways offer high resistance to weather. Water has no effect on them, and they are also resistant to cracks.

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Block Paved Driveways – Traditional but Versatile

One of the most common and famous surfacing material for driveways and other landscaping projects are Block pavers. Available in a large variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and colours, block pavers are highly resistant to wear & tear. You will find them in every other home in the UK as they are easy to install and easy to maintain. Our driveway contractors in offer you a large variety of block pavers to choose from. You can make your own design or take ideas from our completed projects available on our website.

Tarmacadam Driveways – Lowest Cost & Highly Durable

Tarmacadam is so cheap that it is a preferred surfacing material for large areas, including runways. However, do not confuse its affordability with its quality. It is used in such abundance that its prices are low. It forms a black uniform layer over your driveways in which lasts for over 20 years. The surface does not crack easily and can withstand heavy loads.

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Cobblestone Driveways – Exotic and Classic

The most unique and elegant driveways are cobblestone driveways. The aesthetic appeal they give to your home is unrivalled. You can choose from a large variety of natural aggregates in different colours and shapes. They are typically made from granite but also use other natural stones such as limestone and basalt. They cost more than most of the other materials but also last much longer.

Concrete and Gravel – Another Cheapest Option

Gravel and concrete are very common materials. For building driveways, you can use decorative gravel, which is multicoloured and is available in different sizes. Concrete driveways are cheap to build and are highly durable.

We Will Help You Choose the Best Material for You

Our consultants can advise you regarding which type of driveways are best for the weather conditions in your area. If your primary concern is your budget, you have many options to choose from, such as gravel, concrete, and tarmacadam. If you want something fancier, you can choose from resin bound or block paved driveways. Let us know your requirements, and we will give you the best advice.

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Our driveway construction team will not only give you the right advice but also provide you with the services you require. We have in-house teams, typically managed by a structural engineer. Our engineers will prepare a detailed plan for every construction project we take up. No task is big or small for us. From making sure that your ground conditions are ideal for building driveways to providing it with an excellent finish, every step will be performed by our own team perfectly. From checking the requirements of building regulations to getting compliance done, our driveway installers in Sidmouth will take care of every requirement.

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