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Since you live in a world where there are solutions for everything, you can easily go to your garage without damaging the pavement. You don’t have to worry about authorities fining you for unauthorised crossings, and your tyres and pavement will be spared from deterioration. Get your dropped kerbs service from us today, and stop worrying about penalties. Drop kerbs are made by several businesses in the UK, but not to the same inexpensive and trustworthy standards that Switch Groundworks adheres to.

By utilising our established relationships with dependable suppliers, our team of experts work persistently and attentively to offer you the most market competitive drop kerb prices. We take pride that our raw materials are sourced effectively and that our business partners recognise the value of maintaining a high level of quality at the most reasonable price.

Reasons for Installing Dropped Kerbs

A drop kerb is a stone with a lowered edge that is buried in roadway embankments and pavements. In locations where it is necessary to permit motor vehicles to cross over the pavement, dropped kerbs Dropped Kerbs Contractors are installed.

Typically, the front of driveways, residential garages, hospitals, retail centres and nursing facilities will have this distinctive pavement feature. Without a drop kerb, it is unlawful to drive over the pavement onto your porch in many nations, so this feature is essential and quite useful.

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What Requirements Do I Need to Fulfill to Get a Drop Kerb?

Switch Groundworks is the best choice if you are looking for solid and trustworthy dropped kerb contractors. There are a few requirements that must be met before a drop kerb is built. These requirements are a component of the building codes that uphold the region’s varied safety and construction standards and cannot be overridden. As a skilled and knowledgeable dropped kerb driveway firm, we can assist you in requesting the necessary planning approval and handle the whole application procedure on your behalf. If you choose to have a dropped kerb, we will arrange a visit to your property to take the precise measurements and dimensions, check the presence of any public utilities, determine whether you are on the main road, and examine any other factors that would require planning clearance.

Why Should You Choose Switch Groundworks for Dropped Kerb Service?

We are ready to assist if you are looking for dropped kerb contractors. A variety of skilled dropped kerb services are offered by our knowledgeable crew. We install dropped kerbs for residences and commercial buildings all across the region. The accessibility of your home may be greatly improved by installing a lowered kerb. In the UK, we have extensive expertise in installing dropped kerbs Dropped Kerbs Contractors.

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You Can Now Get Dropped Kerbs in Just a Few Easy Steps

Call us to set up a time for an evaluation if you are interested in acquiring a drop kerb and have the necessary permissions. You can also contact us if you need repairs and maintenance done to your current drop kerb. Before sending a team of assessors to your door, we will ask you a few essential questions and gather your information. We will help you every step of the way and get things done quickly. Many dropped kerb contractors cost hefty prices. We provide reasonable drop kerb prices that won’t break your bank. Additionally, we are prepared to do our best to be as humane as possible in our job. Connect with us to experience the difference firsthand.

Important Considerations Before Getting A Dropped Kerb Service

  • Your front yard must have adequate room for you to park your automobile on the property.
  • Your front door must be at least 4.8 metres away, or 6 metres if you have a garage or entry upfront.
  • Parking spaces must be wider than 2.4 metres.
  • At least 10 metres should separate your property from every traffic intersection. Additionally, it shouldn’t be placed more than 15 metres from busy junctions or major roadways.
  • It must be at least 1.5 metres away from any street lights.
  • It must meet visibility requirements, which vary depending on the kind of road.
  • It’s critical to have sufficient drainage in order to remove extra water.
  • It is not advisable to dig up tree roots.

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You can reach our service by giving us a call if you’re interested in having a distinctive, fashionable, and practical drop kerb for your house and are prepared to put your confidence in our team of professionals. We provide round-the-clock customer care to address any inquiries about drop kerbs Contractors. Additionally, our experts can help you with the documentation and permission procedures as well as oversee the construction work necessary to acquire your ideal drop kerbs.

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