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Earthwork services are one step of the much broader groundworks process. It is one of the necessary steps when building any type or size of the infrastructure. It involves the removal of vegetation including trees to reveal the soil below the surface. It also includes ground or surface levelling so that a levelled and flat base can be achieved for construction.

Whether you are building an entire home or something as minor as a patio, earthworks will be required. Our professionals are experienced enough to provide earthworks for minor as well as major projects. Whether you want to build your patio, driveway, or your entire home, get in touch with us for earthworks contractors Exeter.

Our Earthworks Services

Regardless of what type of infrastructure is to be built, some steps in the earthworks process are common for all types of infrastructure. Earthworks companies like ours will perform all steps which include:


Before any type of construction or groundwork can be started, the ground investigation has to be carried out to check several things. For instance, any soil contamination has to be ruled out and if there is any then excavation and refilling of the ground has to be carried out. Our skilled experts are qualified and well experienced to properly investigate any site land.

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Before any major construction work can begin, any contaminated or unsuitable soil has to be excavated and the ground has to be refilled. Our team members are trained to use excavation equipment, they will remove all the soil from the site and also carry out refilling. We are one of the best Earthworks contractors in Exeter for earthwork-related activities.

Site clearing

Any sort of vegetation, trees, garbage, or waste has to be removed from the site before any construction work can be carried out. Our team will provide effective clearance services to make sure that the site is ready for construction work. Our earthworks contractors Exeter are experts at providing effective site clearing services.

Site Levelling

Our skilled team will also carry out ground levelling to ensure that the surface is uniform before laying any foundation such as concrete. They will use the latest equipment to flatten the surface to give the prospective infrastructure a strong base. Contact us for levelling earthworks in Exeter.

Earthworks contractors Exeter

Earthworks for Driveways and Patios

Whenever our professionals are given the task of building a driveway or a Patio, the first thing they will do is check the ground. They will also check the soil and excavate it if required. This will be followed by site clearance and site levelling. The next step will be to lay a concrete foundation for your driveways or patios.

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Qualified Team

Our earthworks contractors Exeter team comprises qualified civil engineers, architects, plumbers, technicians, etc. We have hired the best people from around the UK. These professionals have spent considerable time in the field of construction. They are trained for employing the latest trends in the construction industry while using the most modern tools & equipment. When you hire us you can be sure that our team will deliver quality services to your complete satisfaction. Our expert workforce has made us one of the best earthwork companies in Exeter.

Low Earthwork contractors cost

Our earthworks contractors costs are the most affordable compared to our competitors. Our services can be customized according to your need and your cost will depend on several factors. These will include the size of the project, the cost of raw materials, and our service charges. We can also procure raw materials at discounted prices because of our strong relationship with several top vendors throughout the UK.

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You can contact us on our phone number and talk to our team representative. You can discuss the earthworks you require with them in detail. You can also get in touch with us online through our website and request a free quote. If it’s a major earthworks project you require, you can also request a free site visit. When you accept our free quote, we will provide you with a booking date as early as possible. Our team will visit your site on the booking date and bring all the necessary supplies and tools. They will finish their job within the stipulated time to your complete satisfaction and pleasure.

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