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We Build Strong Construction Foundation

People generally are less keen to invest in groundworks and eventually face major construction defects. Spending money at the time of construction is far more convenient than regretting later. Switch Groundworks provides an extensive and comprehensive range of groundwork services.

By utilising our arduously acquired expertise, you will obtain a team with the most effective and cutting-edge foundational strategy. Devon’s leading foundational services provider, Switch Groundworks, is not just growing as a company but evolving the overall industry. Our company offers a variety of durable and long-lasting solutions for all our customers. Additionally, we have years of experience working with local authorities and following building code requirements, which makes us the best choice for your construction work. Along with this, we are always working in a safe manner to provide you with the best groundwork services.

Wide Selection of Groundworks

With years of experience, our groundworks specialists have consistently delivered outstanding services. The services we offer under the umbrella of groundworks are

  • Paving
  • Foundation
  • Drainage
  • Fencing

The whole groundwork process contains everything you need for the best foundation. From installation to repair, we have got you covered.

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Professional Excavation and Groundworks

Our team is consistently working to provide quality groundworks services in Devon. Our company offers you the following benefits.

Right Equipment

Are you stressed out about purchasing earth-moving equipment? Worry not, we have professional excavators and groundworks contractors to deal with your stress. Our groundworks team owns the modern equipment, from ground penetrating radars to diggers and other related equipment. We are a one-stop shop for all your needs. Having fewer responsibilities at the end of the day will keep you stress-free.

Fast and Reliable

Our groundworks contractors are skilled and time and pressure management. They can handle pressure and busy work schedules to ensure reliable and timely work delivery.  


Our groundworks cost in Devon is comparatively less than the market pricing. We provide durable material with quality services at upfront rates. Our groundworks in skilled crew will finalise the groundworks plan; in the meantime, the finance team will hand over the detailed pricing to the client.

Groundworks Devon

Offering Safety 

The act of excavating involves risky effort. Being unprepared, unanticipated events occurring below the surface, and improper usage of large equipment can all lead to various calamities. To deal with this, our groundworks company trains the professionals about all the potential risks involved while digging the surface. Being fully equipped, our skilled crew will safeguard not only themselves but your property.   

Preference for Groundworks Over Pilling

Pilling is not a suitable solution for all construction sites, and therefore, the preferred method is groundwork. Our groundworks team will ensure the smooth execution of the excavation and groundwork process. We will make a stable and secure foundation for you.

Our Groundworks Offer Strength and Durability

Our local groundworks in Devon team will put all the effort into offering you a simple foundation solution. Groundwork made by us guarantees that a structure will be stable when the brickwork is built on top of it.

Groundworks Devon

Sustainable and Durable

Groundworks offer a foundation with more longevity than conventional piling alone because they are strong and durable. Our groundworks team in Devon will construct a solid foundation to guarantee that the weight is distributed evenly throughout the foundation. Even though we have a reputation for providing the best groundworks in Devon, that doesn’t mean we are willing to forgo our groundwork and underlying expertise in the process.

How It Works

  • Selecting the appropriate plan for your residential and commercial sites
  • Detailed pricing to avoid future uncertainties
  • Transparent timelines
  • Guaranteed work
  • Well-trained contractors and installers
  • Industry-leading warranty

Last but not least, in a world where everything is expensive, we offer you a free quotation. Give us a call, and we’ll give you a ballpark figure shortly.

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Need Assistance?

If you have any question feel free to contact us!