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Groundworks or civil works are essential construction activities. Regardless of the type or size of the construction project, groundworks/civil works are a fundamental requirement that ensure that the final structure is long-lasting and safe. We have civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, interior designers, architects, plumbers, electricians, etc., in our construction team to ensure that all construction and finishing steps are done in harmony with each other. Our construction team provides several Groundworks South West services such as:

  • Site/Ground analysis.
  • Site clearance.
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Foundation building.
  • Installation of utilities
  • Driveways & Patios
  • Landscaping

We work in a step-by-step process


1.   Site analysis for construction projects

Our geotechnical engineers are experts when it comes to the site analysis. All ground conditions are considered before initiating any construction activities. These include:

  • A detailed study of soil conditions
  • Calculation of the top soil’s LBV (Load-bearing value)
  • Presence of trees in the surroundings
  • Adjacent infrastructure

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Understanding soil conditions are important because climatic conditions have an impact on soil. If the moisture content in the soil is high, then extreme temperatures can either shrink or expand the soil. This can affect the integrity of a superstructure. Load bearing values are calculated to learn whether the topsoil will be able to support the weight of the superstructure. Adjacent trees will also affect the moisture content of the soil. These and other factors are studied in depth by our engineers to identify whether the topsoil is of the right quality and is strong enough to support a structure. It also helps our engineers in identifying and designing the right foundation.

2.   Site Clearing for project initiation

The construction site should be free from all structures before construction work begins. As a part of our Groundworks South West services, our construction team will eliminate all vegetation, garbage, waste, trees, and any other structure. This will be followed by levelling the ground to make a flat and uniform surface for construction.

Groundworks South West

3.   Planning and preparing technical drawings

We have highly qualified architects in our groundwork company South West. They are responsible for preparing the necessary engineering drawings for every construction project. The drawings will then be submitted to the relevant authorities for building regulations approval. Our architects will continuously communicate with the approving authority to clear any confusion they may have so that the plans can be approved.

4.   Foundations for superstructures

Our engineers will identify whether the foundations require deep foundations or shallow foundations. Deep foundations are used when the topsoil does not have an adequate LBV. Excavation is carried out for revealing better and stronger soil layers. Shallow foundations are used when the topsoil has an adequate LBV. The required dimensions of the foundations are calculated based on soil quality and LBV. Our civil engineers will work in line with our architects and geotechnical engineers to arrive at the right calculations.

Groundworks for Landscaping, driveways, and patios

Groundworks are also required for landscaping your outdoor space and gardens. Without proper landscaping, your garden will look like a wild forest. Building patio foundations so that they rest on a firm footing is a part of the groundwork. Building foundations and preparing the ground for building long-lasting driveways is another activity included in groundworks. Our construction team considers every job important, whether big or small.

Building regulations and planning permission

Both residential and commercial construction projects require approval for building regulations, planning permission, fire & safety department, etc. This depends on the type of project you are constructing. Some loft conversions will require planning permission, while others will not. Some house extensions can be carried out without the planning permission approval. However, all construction projects require approval from building regulations. The approval process is highly technical and tedious. Regardless of which approval is required from any regulatory authority, it is the job of our groundwork contractors south west to get you that approval. So, you can sit back and leave the hassle of seeking approvals to us.

Residential and commercial construction projects

Whether it is a loft conversion, house extension, or building a multi-storey building for your office, groundworks are required for all of them. We ensure with our expert team, quality supplies, and modern machinery that all steps in groundworks are completed meticulously and in compliance with government regulations.

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If you have any question feel free to contact us!