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Since the day we started working in the construction industry, we have been widely praised for all the handwork our team put into making this company the best. Our general contractors offer a wide range of asphalt and parking lot-related services, ranging from full scope civil construction to tiny pothole patching and crack filling services.

Our Groundworks team in Taunton, with all the expertise in construction, is committed to the clients. They are experienced in all aspects of building, from spectacular to minor projects; we deal all with ease and unyielding safety.

A Whole Suite of Operations

The groundworks involve a wide range of services. It’s a bigger chunk of all the constructing projects, where employees work on and under the ground to protect and repair the surface. People generally are not well aware of the importance of subsurface before construction.

Our groundworks company will have an efficient team to deal with all the activities crucial in laying the construction foundation. Our groundworks are the ones that will stay strong for a lifetime.

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Activities Involved in Groundworks

The state of the land prior to construction will have a significant impact on the groundwork activities. Our offered groundworks services are as follows:

Ground Investigation

Our trained team conducts a thorough investigation of the construction site to identify the problems and indicate any previous use of the site that could cause issues during construction. Through the detailed ground study, our professionals will effectively collect data for the efficient construction of the subbase. Any potential flaws or difficulties, like contamination or abandoned mine workings, can be taken into account.

Site Clearance

Our local groundworks team assures the site safety by clearing the site. The topsoil is removed from the footprint of the soil structure. This will help to remove the hazardous materials and soils from the upper surface of the ground.

Groundworks Taunton


Our professional team lead instructs the groundworks team to dig shallow holes for drainage pipes and telephone wires during the preparation of the foundation. Our modern technology usage includes GPS-enabled excavators for all your residential and commercial projects. The high-tech machinery enables us to save time and manage exact precision.

Retaining Walls

We do not want you to save money at this point and regret it later. Therefore, at the start, our groundworks contractors in Taunton will guide you about all the benefits of retaining walls in firmly holding the structure of the building.  They are strong vertical walls constructed for the lateral support of the earth, water and any other material. These walls play a vital part in holding the materials together and preventing them from slipping down a slope. The geosynthetic material will provide reinforcement and can be included in retaining walls and embankments.

Groundworks Taunton

Experienced Groundwork Contractors

As licensed groundwork contractors in Taunton, we offer top-notch services for block paving, groundworks and resin driveways. You can select us with assurance. We adhere to regulatory requirements and industry standards while performing our work. As experts in the building sector, we go above and beyond to provide the best possible results for each of our clients. All our services are in accordance with the current market pricing for domestic and large-scale projects. So, you need not worry about groundworks cost; we’ll provide you with everything at an up-front price.

Foundation Repair Services

An eyesore foundation, a weak or failing foundation, poses a risk to your safety, your family, or your place of business. Our professional team of groundworks will take all the responsibility into their hands to provide your property with a strong foundation and secure structure, as this will later influence the building and overall structural stability.

Currently, if you are having issues with your property, like foundation cracks, with years of experience in foundation repair services, our team will take the responsibility to implement the expert repairing techniques. Using the latest and modern cutting-edge technology, we can fix the cracks in your residential and commercial projects.

We are available to deal with all your foundation and structure services queries.

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If you have any question feel free to contact us!