Resin Driveways Devon

Choosing the Right Driveway Material

Switch Groundworks and Civils Ltd is the leading expert company in resin-bound surfacing. From block paving to resin surfacing, our company offers all under one roof. The remarkable portfolio on our website serves as evidence of all the hard work we have done in all these years.

Our resin driveways team is committed to improve your property. For all our clients, residential or commercial, we offer trustworthy and personalised services. Our aim is to provide quality services for resin-bound driveways in Devon at a competitive price. Over time, we have developed a strong client relationship to serve the people of Devon.

An Ideal Choice for the Clients

The fresh batch of paving scams and the city’s dubious operators are the reasons people get tensed while handing their project to a construction company. The house owners are frequently baffled about how to discover a trustworthy paving company. We, as a company, will offer you the most reliable resin driveways. With the right contractors, your project will be in safe hands and will last for years after the warranty.

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Making an Informed Decision in the Selection of Your Driveway

Your imagination of a unique house is turned into reality by our local resin driveway company. Taking your house to the next level is all we promise to all our clients. Driveways and walkways can be built from various materials. Whether you need pavers or permeable surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, our resin driveway contractors can assist you in finding the ideal option.

Adding a Nice Finish to Your Property

Don’t wait for another year to give a nice finish to your property. If you make the smart choice to pave your driveway, your family will be overjoyed, and the neighbours will notice a striking new aesthetic appeal. Your home will become safer, making it easier to shovel snow off, and have less dirt tracked in. Our resin driveways prices will be market competitive. To make sure we never outbid on price, we keep an eye on our competitors.

Resin Driveways Devon

The Services We Offer

  • Block paving
  • Various driveway surfacing
  • Commercial surfacing
  • Drop kerbs
  • Resin Driveways
  • Micro-surfacing
  • Groundworks

Specifications of Resin-bound Driveways

What comes to your mind when you imagine a driveway? Is it the majestic beauty of bordered, block-edged driveway that is seamless and multicoloured? Yes, you are thinking of the resin driveway. Our resin driveways specialists will provide driveways with excellent curb appeal that requires little upkeep to remain in ideal condition.

The resin-bound surfacing is made up of aggregate stones and resin. Our local resin driveway company will offer you two types of resin, epoxy resin and polyurethane resin. Along with these, many people do not know about the two different types of driveways. Although they sound similar, they are very different in terms of technique.

Resin Driveways Devon

Stone Carpets-resin Bound Driveways

The resin-bound surfacing solution results by mixing the solid chips coated with the polyurethane resin. By doing so, a slurry is produced that may be trowelled over a surface to have a levelled, smooth, finished look. The resin-bound surface is also called stone carpet, and its smooth finish offers a stylish, eye-catching bound gravel surface that is long-lasting. You can eradicate many problems like water and the cracking of loose gravel by constructing resin-bound driveways.

Resin Bonded Driveways

A resin layer is placed in the sub-base at the start of the process. The stones are scattered on the surface and then pressed to mix with the resin and form a levelled surface. A patterned, anti-slip finish is created by scattering the bonded design. This driveway is the best choice for sloped driveways for both vehicles and individuals.

Guaranteed Highest Standards and Customer Satisfaction

Our resin driveways experts specialise in commercial and residential projects making it an appropriate choice for the people of Devon. We begin each project with clients’ requirements and take a unique approach based on their needs.

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If you have any question feel free to contact us!